Beef,  Hot Dogs Grass Fed  -Organic 12oz

6 - 2 oz hot dogs SKINLESS, No casing - Organic Piedmontese Beef Hot Dogs, Skinless w/Organic Seasonings Non GMO Gluten Free.

No added fat or bi products. We guarantee you'll love them! 

Ingredients: Organic Beef, Water, Sea Salt, Spices, Sugar, Paprika, Onion and Garlic Powder, Sodium Phosphate, Celery Powder, Sea Salt, Cherry Powder, Organic Cane Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice Powder)

The following organizations under USDA rules certify Blackwing products: Beef: CCOF & MOSA. Bison:CCOF, OCIA & MOSA Chicken & other poultry: Iowa Dept. of Ag, Mosa, Pa. Dept of Ag.& OCIA. Pork: Mosa & Iowa Dept of Ag. All are processed under USDA organic supervision.

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Beef, Hot Dogs Grass Fed -Organic 12oz

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