CHEESE - Bunker Hill A-2 Raw Cheddar (8oz. Brick)
Bunker Hill A2 Raw Milk French Style

From A2/A2 Cows
Grass Grazed

All Natural - Artificial Growth Hormone Free - Aged at a minimum of 60 days

What's A2 Cheese? A2 Cheese is made with A2 Milk. and has a different protein make up. Some people and some studies, have shown that it helps with digestion, as well as helps some people who have irritation in their stomach after consuming normal A1 products such as milk and cheese. Some people are not lactose intolerant, yet do have discomfort or gas from normal products. A2 helps those people that have this issue.

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CHEESE - Bunker Hill A-2 Raw Cheddar (8oz. Brick)

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