CHEESE- Vegetable Yogurt Cultured Cheese (8oz. Brick)

Yogurt Cultured Vegetable Cheese

Gluten and Lactose Free
Bunker Hill Yogurt Cultured Natural Cheese products are lactose free. Lactose is a milk sugar that is naturally occurring in milk. Lactose requires specific enzymes to be broken down in the intestines and can create digestive discomfort in individuals who lack the specific enzymes, a condition known as "Lactose Intolerance". In fact, many customers who report suffering lactose intolerance tell us they have been able to eat Bunker Hill Yogurt Cultured Cheese without any adverse effects, due in part to the probiotic acidophilus and bifidium cultures fortified in the Yogurt Cultured cheese, which helps provide good digestive health benefits.

Garden Vegetable Yogurt Cheese

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CHEESE- Vegetable Yogurt Cultured Cheese (8oz. Brick)

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