Chicken, Bone-in Thighs, Organic (1.25lb)

Organic - limited Bone/limited Skin on Chicken Thighs 1.25lb

Certified Organic & Free Ranged Chicken.

In keeping with the highest standards of the health food industry, Farmfresh2u introduces a no hormone, antibiotic free chicken that qualify as free ranged.

You will discover a delicious taste difference that separates our birds from all the others.

Stress free, antibiotic free, and hormone free.

The following organizations under USDA rules certify Blackwing products: Beef: CCOF & MOSA. Bison:CCOF, OCIA & MOSA Chicken & other poultry: Iowa Dept. of Ag, Mosa, Pa. Dept of Ag.& OCIA. Pork: Mosa & Iowa Dept of Ag. All are processed under USDA organic supervision.

  • Item #: Chicken- Thigh (Bone-in)

Chicken, Bone-in Thighs, Organic (1.25lb)

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