Pluots, Organically Grown, sold by the fruit

Pluots (Tech stuff below)

A croos between a Plum and Apricot - They are delicious!

Pluots /ˈplɒt/ are later generations of complex hybrid between the Japanese plumPrunus salicina (providing the greater amount of parentage), and the apricotPrunus armeniaca.[5][6] The fruit's exterior has smooth skin closely resembling that of a plum. Pluots were developed in the late 20th century by Floyd Zaiger.[7]

Dapple Dandy: large size with mottled pale green to yellow, red-spotted skin, red or pink juicy flesh, firm flesh, moderately late ripening.

  • 'Dinosaur egg' is a trademarked name for Dapple Dandy variety.
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Pluots, Organically Grown, sold by the fruit

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