Salmon- Ora King Filets, New Zealand (8 or 16oz)

Ora King Salmon - New Zealand (8 or 16oz)  Fillet.

Served in 1/2 or 1lb Vacuum Sealed Portions.

The secret to this fabulous fish is the respect for how they are raised. First the eggs of the Ora King Salmon are carefully nurtured in the crystal clear waters which flow from the Te Waikoropupu Springs near Golden Bay. These waters have been verified as the cleanest waters in the world.

Once hatched these months old Ora King Salmon are then carefully transported to the pristine sea waters of Marlboro Sound where they will live for the remainder of their lives in large sea farm pens.

Unlike other fish farms, which are way over crowded, the Oro King Salmon have room to move since only 2% of the salmon swim in pens that are in 98% water. These waters, north of New Zealand’s South Island, have hundreds of sheltered deep water bays and the swiftly moving current of Cook’s Strait provides food for the Ora Salmon and the other area’s wildlife.

These waters were carefully chosen to maintain the most natural habitat for the Ora King Salmon. The result of this care and respect for these salmon has consistently produced - the best tasting salmon in the world.



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Salmon- Ora King Filets, New Zealand (8 or 16oz)

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